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Dyno Tuning Motorcycles - How does it work and why is it important?

What is a Dyno?

A dynamometer (Dyno) is a machine used for measuring the Torque and Power or a Motorcycle while also monitoring the Air Fuel Ratio. It is used to assess the a vehicle's state of tune by placing the vehicle under different loads and acceleration rates, measuring the results and making appropriate modifications/changes to the tune of the Motorcycle.

Why do I need my bike Dyno Tested?

If you have installed any aftermarket items like an exhaust or air filter these changes can alter your Air Fuel Ratio (AFR). This can result in a motorcycle that is not making the optimum power and in extreeme circumstances it can lead to dangerously lean conditions which can cause engine damage. You should have your Motorcycle ECU tuned to suit the modification. 

Correcting the AFR by a professional tuner will result in a smoother, more efficient running motor with maximum power and torque. 

Why is a custom dyno better than a Send In Flash or a map downloaded off the internet? 

There are differences in each motorcycle, even motorcyles from the same make and model and year. There differences are due to tolerances during the build of the motor and during the manufacturing. Maps downloaded off the internet or loaded by Send In Flashing Services or Pre Configured Flashed are designed to get you close for your bikes modifications, but that doesn’t take into consideration local fuel, altitude, ambient temperature, humidity, location, or the differences between each bike, sometimes these maps can result in your motorcycle running worse. By tuning the air/fuel ratio, ignition timing and electronic throttle valve (ETV) for your specific motorcycle, you can get the best power and rideability for your individual bike.

What is the difference between Woolich Racing AutoTune and a dyno tune? 

The Woolich Racing Autotune will allow you to tune the AFR during real world conditions. This take into consideration location, temperature, humidity, modifications, ram air plus many more factors. This is a huge advantage for Racers as you can tune for different Racetracks as some tracks may be located across different states with different altitude levels which can alter the AFR which can result in a performance loss.  

The AutoTune feature cannot tell you which Air Fuel Ratio is best for your bike for maximum power. As each bike is different some may like to run a slightly different AFR to get maximum power. This is why we have our Target AFR feature; so you can tune Fuel Maps to target the AFR that best suits the individual bike.  

The best place to tune ignition timing is on a dyno as the gains are usually small yet can cause dramatic engine damage if not tuned correctly. 


Any changes made to your motor will most likely affect your Air Fuel Ratio. Getting your bike tuned on a dyno or correctly using the Woolich Racing AutoTune software will result in a smoother, more efficient and reliable running motorcycle. 

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