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Hugh Regalado: (USA) aka hugh308 suzukib-king.org

     My brother Rooney and I both own and ride the B-King. For the past few years we have been Land Speed Racing (LSR) them at the Bonneville Salt-flats and the Mojave Mile.

A couple of years ago when Rooney suggested that we check out the ecu editor software and make our adjustments to the bikes chip ourselves I thought he was CRAZY. I proceeded to let him know how nuts I thought it was and that if he wanted to screw up his bike, that was fine, but I was going to take mine to the dyno guy.

So we started to search for a dyno guy... what a pain and a joke. NONE of the guys had ever tuned a b-king and only a couple of them had any Hayabusa knowledge at all. Not to mention they wanted to wire in a separate device that they would manipulate with their software. Oh yeah, and there were no guarantee's. These guys irritated the crap out of me (which doesn't take much).

I conceded to my brothers wishes and ordered a couple of harnesses and a flashing unit from Boost-by-Smith (wonderful people to deal with) it was a few hundred bucks, which at the time seemed like a lot of money.

My brother wired his first, we both learned the software and decided to give the flashing deal a try. The first time was the scariest because of all the unknowns. The 3 or 4 minutes it took to flash the bike seemed like an eternity. And when the pop up box said it was erasing the chip, I held my breath and prayed! I was really nervous! I wasn’t sure if I hadn’t just pressed the button telling this software to destroy a thousand dollar ECU! Needless to say, everything worked fine so I wired up my bike and started flashing my ECU myself.

In those early days, I didn’t have a laptop, so I would push my bike into the living room where my desk top is and do my flashing in the house. It worked. I also started experimenting with making my own maps. Some of them were ok, but some of them sucked! Thankfully we have a B Mode, I used it to get home!

I’ve done a few upgrades to my bike (air intake, wideband O2, and full Brocks header/exhaust) and I am having an Airtech LSR full faring built as I type. We’ve made and modified dozens of maps for each of our bikes and I always thought they were pretty close.

My brother had been talking about auto tuning for a year, the only problem was having to strap a lap top to the bike (which wasn’t going to be allowed for any of the races we enter). When Boost-by-Smith let me know a tiny usb data logging device (Woolich Racing Log Box) was weeks away from being ready to ship, I jumped on it!

We did our first series of data logging tests on my brother’s bike yesterday. Using the data logger let us know exactly what spots in our fuel maps were lean and which were rich. We flashed the bike with the suggested changes and resumed data log testing. This went on for a few hours. We ended up with a finely tuned machine! Marked improvement! My bike is next.

One of the things that I am most looking forward to is being able to data log at the various race venues I compete at and to have a custom map I can load just for those conditions. With the altitudes and air density being different at the Salt Flats, I will be able to do some 3 mile high speed runs and know EXACTLY how my bike is performing. The elevation at the Salt Flats is close to 4500 feet. I also like to race a standing mile at the Mojave Mile at the Airport in Mojave, CA. elevation is approx 2800. To get top performance at these different elevations is going to require different maps.

The log box is going to take the guessing out of the equation! That is HUGE!

THANK YOU for adding another product that is going to help me go faster!! HR

(NB. Boost-by-Smith are the US Distributors for Woolich Racing)

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