Tune your bike to the limit with our advanced ECU Flashing Products for Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Triumph and Yamaha motorcycles.
Woolich Racing - Tune your bike to the limit
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Testimonials from Woolich Racing Customers

Vincent Buclin: GBK Motos
We would like to thank Woolich Racing, We regularly work with your technology to help develop the full potential of our customers motorcycles. 

We were also able thanks to your technology to develop our Yamaha R7 Turbo and successfully participate to the 500miles of Magny-Cours in France. 

Danny Ramey: Ohio, USA
I bought the Woolich Racing box for the best results i could get out of my bike something that topped a normal piggy back system for around the same price! My bike is a 2008 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 its Antron Browns old bike. Ryan Schnitz did his magic with the bike and made great power on 93 and mr12.

Crispy's Motorcycles Plymouth:
Fantastic bit of kit. The datalogging is a really useful tool as well as the endless tuning possibilities. Thanks Rich at RB Engineering!:)

Ryan Schnitz: -
The ability to adjust both fuel and ignition tables within the factory ECU allows us to give our customers a better end product.  Many piggy-back style systems have very limited adjustability and require multiple boxes to make the adjustments we require for modified engines. 

The Woolich Racing Software is easy to navigate and offers 3D timing and fuel table that allow the tuner to easily see the changes being made and to accurately modify all areas of the table without having to hit every cell on the dyno.  Advanced features such as coolant fan temperature on/off, adjustable rev limiters, injector balance tables and secondary throttle blade control give us a further advantage on the street and on the track.

Ben Henry: - Cube Racing
Woolich Racing sponsor Ben Henry from Cube Racing on his 2014 ZX10R in the Australasian Superbike Series.

Ryan Kneen: Dave Molyneux Race Team - Isle of Man TT
Woolich Racing sponsored Ryan Kneen pulling 6th gear wheelies on his Dave Molyneux Race Team ZX10R at the Isle of Man TT.

Ryan's bike is tuned with a Woolich Racing Log Box Pro (Mitsubishi).

John Gover: (USA) aka sportbikeryder
The (Log Box) will revolutionize the on-road tuning world. One of the only systems available to to allow onboard logging of the actual ECU data rather than a secondary attachment with questionable calibration. This system should provide the best drivability tuning available anywhere as well as the ability to tune applications at the track. The data rate is higher than that of many other popular systems as well.

Arc NineOhNine: (Australia) arc on www.zx-10r.net
So you want your bike tuned? It should be easy, shouldn’t it? You nick over to your favourite dyno equipped mechanic, watch them strap down your precious then wring the living daylights out of her. There’s no sound quite like a litre bike being dyno tuned with a “race” pipe fitted. Forget ear splitting, this is several levels past that, try mind cleavingly loud, even that doesn’t do it justice. It’s off the loud scale. Ferocious. Indeed

Several runs later and voila, they’ve built you a custom map which gets loaded to your (or their) favourite inline piggy back module. Piggyback? Yep, these modules by the likes of Dynojet or Bazzaz sit inline with your bike’s fuel injector electronics and allow more or less fuel to be squirted into the cylinders based on the maps they’ve made for you. Neat huh? Yes, and no. I’ve used them previously but I now call them dinosaur mods because their approach is so antiquated that soon they’ll go the same way: extinction. OMG, why’s that you ask? There’s a better way. 

Jed Metcher:
Jed Metcher riding the Race Center ZX10R in the 2014 Formula Oz class in the Australasian Superbike Series. Jed's ZX10R is tuned using the Woolich Racing Tuned software.

Derek Christensen: (USA) 2011 MIROCK pro ET champion
2008 Suzuki Hayabusa 1441, Carpenter Racing CNC Port and polished head, catalyst bodywork, hardcore cycle swingarm, and Woolich Racing ECU Interface.

Dave Clark: ZZR1400 / ZX14R
I have had my 2017 ZZR1400 Performance Sport remapped and all restrictions removed by Dragon Motorbikes of Durham (UK). In addition to this I have fitted Akrapovic header pipes and a K&N air filter. The red line has also been raised to 12,000 rpm. 

The dyno print out shows...

Pier Luigi Greco:
sono in italia con kavasaki ninja h2 uso da poco woolich sono contentissimo la mia moto va perfetta e quando ho una domanda mi risponde subito e mi risolve tutto.....grazie mille sono molto contento.

I'm in Italy with Kawasaki Ninja H2 recently used Woolich. I'm very happy my bike goes perfect and when I have a question answers me immediately and I solve everything ..... thank you very much I'm very happy.

Karl Harris: (UK) ZX6R - Isle of Man TT
Karl Harris's ZX6R is tuned with Woolich Racing Tuned software running in the Isle of Man TT

Karl's bike has been tuned with a Woolich Racing USB (Denso) interface by Rich at RB Engineering in the UK.

Kirk Levonian: (USA) suzukib-king.org
These products have to be simply the best out there. I'm into getting the most HP out of my B-King, Justin has helped me do that. The newly released Log Box will make tuning my bike as enjoyable as racing it, you can't beat that!

Paul Moolenaar: (Australia) aka NightRider - ecuhacking.activeboard.com / BikerBoy - australian-hayabusa-club.com
I'm not out there trying to run a highly tuned machine down the strip or make it across the line first, I'm just the guy that wants his bike running 100% and has the tools needed to do it himself. The new Log Box just opened up a whole new world to what I can do and see first hand exactly what makes my Busa tick and how I can improve it. I can't think of a single system as easy, accurate and feature packed as what you provide to make it all happen for the everyday rider. This is by far one of the best purchases I've ever made.

Joe and Keturah England: http://www.englandsspeedshop.com/
Joe and Keturah England Flash the ECU and tune their Nitrous Suzuki B-King with a Woolich Racing Log Box.

Anthony Archer:
I was hesitant of Woolich's kit as I never had heard of them. But I was intrigued as I have plenty of experience working as an electronics engineer who has a lot of experience coding and wrenching so I thought I would bite and take a bullet for the ZX-10R community so others would feel at ease buying the kit after I gave it the thumbs up. I bought the Kawasaki kit for the 4th gen ZX-10R as I have modified my bike pretty extensively already and had it dyno tuned by a very reputable shop in the AMA race paddock making a decent 185.xxHP/79.xxTQ. After using this kit to re-tune (which is just as easy, if not easier than the other aftermarket products out there) I am impressed. I spent quite a bit of time on the dyno tuning and tweaking with my friends (who were equally impressed with the software) and I won't give out the final numbers, but there are bikes out there by certain German and Italian manufacturers that better watch out at our next track day.

Next up is to install the full Ti exhaust system I just bought and then do the Kawi kit cams and a higher CR head gasket. After that, I am putting more time on the dyno and mapping each power mode individually; a street map for 91 octane in the low power mode, a poor man's race fuel map for E-89 in the mid power mode and finally an all out race map for MR12 in the high mode. Long term I will open up the case and do some head work making things flow a bit more as well as make some upgrades to the valve train and retune for the three power modes. After hearing Woolich's claims of being able to "Tune Your Bike to the Limit", I am kind of scared to take it that far as this beast is starting to scare me. Good job Woolich, I definitely look forward to your support of the new gen ZX-10R and look forward to being a guinea pig for anything you have coming out soon as well as lending a hand where I can.

George Johnson: Western Australia
George Johnson from Western Australia tunes his Kawasaki ZX14R to the limit with our do-it-yourself ECU Flashing interfaces and software.

Keith Lilley: South Australia
Keith Lilley from South Australia tunes his Kawasaki ZX10R to the limit with our ECU Flashing software and hardware.

Red Fenton: Triple R Racing - New Zealand
Red Fenton from the Suzuki Triple R Superbike team tunes with the Woolich Racing Tuned interfaces and software. GSX-R 750 dyno chart. Triple R Racing

Joe Robbins: (USA) aka loud pipes - suzukib-king.org
I have been drag racing the B-King for the past 3 years. The Challenge, to see how fast you can get it to go with just bolt ons and ECU tuning. Since using the products provided by Woolich Racing, I have dropped the PC III, x-tre. Installed the quality products by Woolich Racing. I was shooting for a couple of tenths gain in the 1/4 with all the options provided for tuning. I have had very positive gains of 1 1/2 - 2 tenths so far.
The beauty of the Log Box is that I can make trim adjustments while racing at the strip for changing environmental conditions. My B-king has never been tuned on a dyno, I have done all my tuning with Woolich Racing interface and Log Box. I am certainly not knockin dyno tuning, I just like to do all my tuning at the strip. I have a heads up AFR that helps me monitor the changes being made. I am at the point where I am tuning for 500 hundredths or less. I am 220lb suited and have managed a 9.33 so far 70F. Before addition of Woolich Racing products this same day would have been approx. 9.48. My goal is to hit upper 9.2s. I run bracket race at NHRA events on this year will run both bracket and index. One of the biggest benefits now is that I can tune the bike for index racing also. Not fast enough to be the 8.90 index but faster than the 9.50 index, so I can slow the bike down though flashing other bin files I have stored created using the Log Box.

Even if you’re not addicted to tuning up and down, you will still be able to use default settings, data log with the Log Box and then flash the auto tune settings and you will be good to go. Especially if you have done small mods like a simple air filter or airbox, now you can simply correct with a little data logging and auto tune. Woolich Racing products and support have been top notch.

thanks for your dedication to making incredible possible!

Robert Bozek:
Robert Bozek tunes his ZX10R ECU with the Woolich Racing Log Box Pro (Mitsubishi)

Dario Ballabio: (Italy) aka ballad2 on suzukib-king.org
The Woolich Racing Log Box is the device that perfectly fits the Ecueditor functionalities. It allows to record every minute you spend on your bike into history and each minute becomes useful to improve your future riding experience.

The Log Box was designed according to the requirements and suggestions of most experienced users, the best guarantee to get exactly what you would expect. Considering the cost required to get equivalent results through dyno sessions, it is an investment that pays back quickly.

Kevin Blais:
2013 ZX14R before and after flashing the ECU with Woolich Racing Tuned software - Akrapovic Full Exhaust Dual Muffler System and a BMC Air filter

Rob Spencer:
Had my race car mapped with the 2012 zx14 engine running on a 2008 ecu and loom, with the Woolich Racing Tuned software.. First run we got 190bhp at the wheels so we took -16 of fuel off all round and finished up with 201bhp at the wheels! 

We were very pleased! I run another car with a 2012 zx14 engine on motec and that only made 180bhp at the wheels, so look out for the motec on ebay hahaha, we have just made another 2008 loom to put on that car and another standard ecu to put back on it! We are so pleased with the Woolich Racing flashing gear.

Glenn Northridge:
Glenn Northridge from Australia tunes his Suzuki Hayabusa with our ECU Flashing interfaces and software. 
- "Thanks for your customer service."

Rick Romans: (Canada) - aka Romans on http://www.zx14ninjaforum.com
2010 ZX-14 Limited Edition - Woolich Racing Tuned 
  • Fuel Map programmed with Woolich Racing Tuned software 
  • 5 degrees Timing pulled with Woolich Racing Tuned software. 
  • Light Weight Marchesini Wheels with Ceramic Bearings 
  • Swing arm 8 over 65 Inch 
  • SB6 MSD (soon to be no longer needed) 
  • MPS Air Shifter IHI 
  • VF-34 Turbo 
  • Shorai 2lb battery 
  • AEM Gauges 
  • Pushing 9lbs boost on 94 pump fuel. Made possible with timing pulled inside the ECU with Woolich Racing Tuned software
  • Stock Compression. 
  • Braking Directional Rotors

Germano Bernardini: (Italy) aka Manzo on gsx-r.it / ecuhacking.activeboard.com
Being a semi-professional Ecu-tuner I can only recommend this product.

In the very first application it already helped me and my track racing team to nail down a very frustrating lean spot wich we were unable to discover in 2 weeks of dyno research.

Being able to log the engine parameters in realtime during a track session is invaluable, and more accurate than steady-state dyno tuning where you never reach full dynamic pressure in the airbox. Also the product is idiot-proof, thus allowing even less skilled personnel to successfully record data to be later analysed by a professional.

Also the support from the Woolich Racing is fantastic. Definitely a recommended product

Lars Juel Rasmussen:
The Woolich Racing Logbox has been a great help for me and i cant say enough good things about it. The ability to take control of your stock ecu and turn it in to a race tuned ecu at a fraction of the normal cost for such things using only a laptop,software and the Woolich Racing Logbox is simply great. 

With the help of my WRL and a wideband lambda O2 sensor i have been able to squeeze enough power out of my stock motor stock wheelbase(lowered,sidewinder,2"oilpan) K8 hayabusa to make a 5.97@121.21 1/8 pass, using the autotune feature to optimize the engine every time i go to the track

I would say that this is one of the first things if not the very first (after the bike of course) one should buy when starting to build a race bike.


Lars Juel Rasmussen

Adam Ostrowski: Poland
I have finished 1070 project.

I can only tell that thanks Your software remapping of new engine is awesome.
I have lots of experience thanks to older engine but i cant imagine to do remapping via PCV or other stuff.
Bike pulls like hell, 3rd gear wheelies with standard gearing are no problem.

James Hynson:
I want to say the product worked very well for tuning the ZX14 2006 model. It was learning curve but results are very pleasing. Kevin Cadby who is located in KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, FL is the tuner who did the task; he is a very exceptional and meticulous tuner with extreme patience to get the job done correctly. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to tuning.

The bike tuned is 2006 1441 stroker, Carpenter head/cams, and 47 throttle bodies. The engine has been in the frame since 2010 DEC. It has approximately 450 plus 1/8 and 1/4 mile passes (mostly 1/4 mile). Uses a single compression ring with oil ring pack, no second ring. The power made tuning E85 was impressive to me on an engine that is well broke in with 450 passes under its belt. I weight suited 285#, best pass prior to tune was 8.84@157 with a  1.37 60ft will report back results of post tune soon.

Jamie Prothero:
Jamie Prothero rides Australia's fastest Kawasaki ZX6R.

Kevin Blais:
ZX10R graph all stock with an Akrapovic Exhaust base run then after flashed ECU +500 RPM remove the US timing restriction with the Woolich Racing Tunded software look at 13,200 where the cursor is 25+ hp gain nice stuff!

Rusty: (Australia)
I’ve had nothing but the best of assistance from Justin. Yes, I've had a very steep learning curve over 12 months, but the log box has answered so many of my issues. I’ve previously used data via external data loggers and even PKM to MAP, but this is way easier and it uses the raw ecu data without adulterating the data.

As a one-man show, this is like having Jeremy Burgess at my disposal. I'm sure this will save someone a lot of engine damage from poor mapping if the target AFR's are good. It really is the missing link to the ecu editor program. Five out of five big bad Busa's.

Team McLeish Bros: (USA)
We hold over 60 records at Bonneville, El Mirage, and Muroc dry lakes. The records are FIM, AMA, SCTA and BNI. Team McLeish has won the Best Engineered Bub Award and the John Force Best of Show Award. We had the fastest motorcycle time at the 2011 Bonneville Speed Week with an exit speed of 234.886mph. That was the SilverRod streamliner with a normally aspirated 1000 cc RC51. The SilverRod can run as a motorcycle streamliner, sidecar streamliner and in the car class as a Lakester.

This year we are building a new car which will be GSXR 1000 powered.

Team McLeish Bros recently purchased both a USB ECU Flashing Interface as well as a Log Box to assist in tuning their latest GSX-R powered Land Speed racing car.

Read more about Team McLeish Bros on our page set up to track their racing progress...

Nick: NJ, USA
I have to say that even though I am mainly street riding, my 2011 GSX-R750 has turned into an entire new bike after installing the Woolich Logbox and Wideband O2 controller.

Shaun Theunissen: (New Zealand)
This product is amazing, made my bikes alive and so much more enjoyable to drive. All and any modification is so easy to tune now and I get a fairly good base line before I can get it on a dyno.

Highly recommended product for anyone with a passion for bikes. Support from Justin is also second to none.

Phil Gresser: (USA) aka ToXSicK Rocket ecuhacking.activeboard.com / hayabusa.org
This new Log Box by Woolich Racing products is hands down the best on the market!!! There's no way to describe in word's just how much precision and care they put into their products, not to mention their customer support is 2nd to none! No one else out there can offer & deliver the amount of versatility in tuning/data logging/performance features that Woolich Racing products provides in just ONE component, and at a VERY impressive price.

I use my Log Box almost daily, tinkering, tuning, data logging and overall engine monitoring with GREAT SUCCESS on my 08 Hayabusa! I do a lot of Street Riding & Drag Racing, and there's just NO WAY I could run as good as I do with ANYTHING else on the market....... Period!!!

Thanks Woolich Racing products,

Phil (ToXSicK)

Mukko Davide Emanuel: (Italy)
The products offered by Woolich Racing are the best, because in one interface you have everything you need to process just putting your bike in a short time and are also very easy to use.

Thanks Justin, keep it up.

Tom P: (USA) aka xtractor suzukib-king.org
Now a guy can modify his bike without being at the mercy of some dealers dyno, if you can find one. The fact that you can hook this stuff up to your bike, monitor engine, flash the ecu and data log - way cool. So far I have eliminated the pair valve, rocket launcher [evac canister], and modified my exhaust. All this without getting the dreaded fuel injection light, just by checking off a few boxes in ecu editor and flashing the ecu on my 2008 Suzuki B King. Next for me is data logging and fine tuning.

Thanks again Justin, for helping me get set up.

Hugh Regalado: (USA) aka hugh308 suzukib-king.org
My brother Rooney and I both own and ride the B-King. For the past few years we have been Land Speed Racing (LSR) them at the Bonneville Salt-flats and the Mojave Mile.

A couple of years ago when Rooney suggested that we check out the ecu editor software and make our adjustments to the bikes chip ourselves I thought he was CRAZY. I proceeded to let him know how nuts I thought it was and that if he wanted to screw up his bike, that was fine, but I was going to take mine to the dyno guy.

So we started to search for a dyno guy... what a pain and a joke. NONE of the guys had ever tuned a b-king and only a couple of them had any Hayabusa knowledge at all. Not to mention they wanted to wire in a separate device that they would manipulate with their software. Oh yeah, and there were no guarantee's. These guys irritated the crap out of me (which doesn't take much).

I conceded to my brothers wishes and ordered a couple of harnesses and a flashing unit from Boost-by-Smith (wonderful people to deal with) it was a few hundred bucks, which at the time seemed like a lot of money.

My brother wired his first, we both learned the software and decided to give the flashing deal a try. The first time was the scariest because of all the unknowns. The 3 or 4 minutes it took to flash the bike seemed like an eternity. And when the pop up box said it was erasing the chip, I held my breath and prayed! I was really nervous! I wasn’t sure if I hadn’t just pressed the button telling this software to destroy a thousand dollar ECU! Needless to say, everything worked fine so I wired up my bike and started flashing my ECU myself.

In those early days, I didn’t have a laptop, so I would push my bike into the living room where my desk top is and do my flashing in the house. It worked. I also started experimenting with making my own maps. Some of them were ok, but some of them sucked! Thankfully we have a B Mode, I used it to get home!

I’ve done a few upgrades to my bike (air intake, wideband O2, and full Brocks header/exhaust) and I am having an Airtech LSR full faring built as I type. We’ve made and modified dozens of maps for each of our bikes and I always thought they were pretty close.

My brother had been talking about auto tuning for a year, the only problem was having to strap a lap top to the bike (which wasn’t going to be allowed for any of the races we enter). When Boost-by-Smith let me know a tiny usb data logging device (Woolich Racing Log Box) was weeks away from being ready to ship, I jumped on it!

We did our first series of data logging tests on my brother’s bike yesterday. Using the data logger let us know exactly what spots in our fuel maps were lean and which were rich. We flashed the bike with the suggested changes and resumed data log testing. This went on for a few hours. We ended up with a finely tuned machine! Marked improvement! My bike is next.

One of the things that I am most looking forward to is being able to data log at the various race venues I compete at and to have a custom map I can load just for those conditions. With the altitudes and air density being different at the Salt Flats, I will be able to do some 3 mile high speed runs and know EXACTLY how my bike is performing. The elevation at the Salt Flats is close to 4500 feet. I also like to race a standing mile at the Mojave Mile at the Airport in Mojave, CA. elevation is approx 2800. To get top performance at these different elevations is going to require different maps.

The log box is going to take the guessing out of the equation! That is HUGE!

THANK YOU for adding another product that is going to help me go faster!! HR

(NB. Boost-by-Smith are the US Distributors for Woolich Racing)

Mike Mikenbiken: (USA) aka Mikenbiken on gixxer.com
I have felt for a long time that tuning the base maps in the ECU was the answer to some of my tuning problems, but until now, there was no good way to do it. With the Woolich Racing Log Box, I have been able to very quickly Autotune my base fuel maps and get results much better than anything I have tried before. I am actually kind of amazed how quickly it smoothed out throttle areas that other equipment could not. The support from Justin is on a level you don't see anywhere else. He got back to me quickly every time I had a problem, and didn't tease me when I was doing something stupid. :)

Thanks Justin and Woolich Racing!

Geir Knaplund: (Germany) aka TL1000S97 suzukib-king.org
I enjoy tuning just as much as I like riding/testing bikes (and cars). Which is a plus when living at a place on the northern hemisphere where 7-8 months is winter-time. :) Started with interest in ECU-Editor as software, before I even had a compatible bike. When I bought my current B-King I first bought the interface from BoostBySmith (Greg Smith). Then I followed the threads/news from Justin Woolich, both about new features to ECU-Editor and also his skills in manufacturing hardware to be used with the software. Got his USB interface which I have been using when tuning my B-King with 1441 cylinder-kit, Brocks headers + Woolich link-pipe. When the LogBox was announced I ordered it instantly and now I am a happy user logging session after session getting the fuel maps just where I want them.

Absolutely a great product from Woolich Racing!

Jack Mai: (Canada)
I got the Woolich Racing Log Box and I have to say I am not the most bright brick when it comes to computer stuff or working with ECU but with Justin's help, patient and vast knowledge, he was able to help me with all my needs and questions. The log box works perfect. I can sit here and write everything and more than the others haven't already written or told you but let me be the first to tell you this. "IT'S ALL TRUE".

Ildar: (Russia) aka hamster on gsxrclub.ru
I admire your work. I have installed and configured the wideband O2 sensor on my motorcycle with auto tune.  He was going better than I like it. Thanks Justin, helps me get, for the quick response.

Mike McDonald: (USA)
I just thought I would write a quick update. I have now had the Woolich Racing Logbox for about 3 months. I have flashed roughly 8 Autotune updates, and I think after today's ride I can say it is absolutely tuned.

My bike runs flawlessly. I owned autotune/piggyback setups from Bazzaz and Dynojet, and neither could come close to ironing out the fuel delivery like the Woolich Racing box.

Thanks again Justin!

Shain : Turboworx

I had a problem with some of my Turbo Bikes. I contacted the guys at www.WoolichRacing.com , told them what was happening and they came back to me with a solution the next day. I tried it - it worked.

Bikes are going very well, all my problems are gone. The guys from Woolich Racing are very prompt and willing to help and super fast at replying.

Its great doing business with you guys!

Mike Snelling: aka Methodicreign @hayabusa.org
Excellent experience, will most definitely buy from again. Communications with Justin are top notch and he knows how to treat his customers. A real stand up guy and even better product quality.

Stefan Briege: (Germany)
F2-600 Racing Sidecar with Suzuki GSX-R 600 K6 engine and K8 Injection and ECU, tuned by Stefan Briege using a Woolich Racing Log Box

Roland: (JR Racing - South Africa)
This is just a big up to Justin for the Woolich Racing Software and all products available from Woolich Racing, it has been and always will be a pleasure dealing with a person like him, nothing is too much trouble for him to assist with.

Out here in South Africa we have limited resources to successfully tune and run our bikes to their limits and with WRT products it has only been a pleasure to assist our customers with exactly that opportunity.

Keep up the excellent work, JR Racing is proud to be associated with such an awesome product.

Mark E. Dotson: (Multi Land Speed Record Racer)
My race team has been using Woolich Racing products since 2012. Once we flashed the ECU and set everything up properly, that is when big numbers began to be printed on our time slips and records began to fall. With the help of Woolich Racing products, we now have the Fastest Nitrous Bike in The Standing Mile in The USA! This bike is also #39 on the top 50 Fastest Bikes in The World. Our top speed is now 229.3578 mph or 369.1155 km/h

If you want to go fast and squeeze every ounce of power out of your machine, Woolich Racing is the only way to go.

Mark E. Dotson

Multi Land Speed Record Racer

Tom Kuchno:
This is Tom Kuchno, riding a bike tuned with Woolich Racing products by KC at BRG Racing

This is what KC had to say about it

"At a local track he was on the old tune going 162 MPH down the front straight. Now with the BRG / Woolich tune 175 MPH. If you don't know about Woolich and own a Suzuki or a Kawasaki you better check it out. This stuff is the real deal. Gives me full access to the ECU. I can eliminate all the power robbing restrictors the factory puts in to protect you. And no piggy back box to buy. Check it out!"

Gerald Wubs:
I ordered a cable and OBD2 scanner from Woolich & want to say thank you for the quick delivery to Canada. The product was well wrapped and arrived quickly with excellent tracking information. Well done! Gerald Wubs B.C. Canada

Hou Ping Wei: Taiwan
At present, due to the strict environmental protection regulations in Taiwan, the power of various types of vehicles has been reduced. Woolich Racing allows riders to enjoy the original design intentions of major bike manufacturers. The warranty and technical support provided by Woolich are trustworthy. 
Hou Ping Wei

MR TUNNING RD: Dominican Republic
We acquired our first programming box, with some doubts, but after the first result we were fascinated, Many positive reviews from customer service, Support with the center, Constant updates. From us the best

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